Saturday, July 10, 2010

LeBron James Steals Sports World Spotlight For 15 Minutes

Seems the whole world of sports paused, choked, gagged (then spat) when the Lebron James decission came down Thursday during an ESPN "special". A special that was so sponsored and commericalized we may never buy those advertisers products again. Actually, many of us never used those products or services to begin with ! As a result of Lebron's decission, word has it alot of endorsement signage has been taken down, and the fans have been burning his Cav's jersey... understandable right ?

REAL Baseball Fans Can Relate To Cleveland Cavs Fans

Serious Fans of the game of baseball can understand the flustration of Cleveland Cavs fans as their beloved "super-star" Lebron moves on to the next big deal with the Miami Heat. Baseball sees about 200 favorite players sign-up for free agency as soon as possible at the end of every season. Every player hopes that their stats, scouting reports, and agents will land them a better contract than the one they had.

Sure, the press conferences all have "a positive spin" about opportunity to be on a winning team, with all the right players that will win a championship ring. Some even cite personal relationships with coaches, managers, or other players and the desire to play with them. Bottom line is professional athetes are just that... "pros". And "pros" go where the immediate, or future (endorsements) $$$ lead them. Loyality ends when the term of the contract is over. As a fan of ANY professional sport, you will always have to remember that.

It's NOT Fair In Any Sport

In baseball, as an example, we see the most monetized teams: the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia Phillies taking their "cherry picks" of the free agent market every off-season. With no concern for payroll, penalities, or taxes, the New York Yankees put an All-Star Game caliber of quality players on the field every night line-up cards are exchanged. Why? Because they can afford to! Very few of the New York Yankees 25 man roster were drafted, instructed in their Minor League system, and eventually brought up to the Major League club. Most were acquired in their prime from free agent signings promsing tremendous rewards for 3 to 5 year contracts.

This is not fair to the other (lower) 24 teams who can not compete with the outragous 5 year $100+ million contract offers for the best pitching and position players. Like die-hard Cleveland basketball fans with Lebron James, faithful baseball fans have watched their favorite players lured away into Yankee pin-stripes. Most recently Oakland saw Jason Giambi, and now Nick Swisher head for New York. Both Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira left the Rangers for Yankee-land. They talked (with $$$) Johnny "I'll never play for New York" Damon into leaving Boston ---- then discarded him now that he is pass prime years. (psssst! Johnny had left the Royals to come play for you Boston). Both A.J. Burnett and C.C. Sabathia head-line the recent pitching talent the New York Yankees have acquired... like any other teams ever had a chance to compete.

The Line-Up Cards Are Always Changing

Since free agency has been around for a long time now in baseball, it's fans have come to admire the team as it is THIS season. With injuries, roster changes based on performance, and trades you never know who or what might be on the field until you hear THAT games offical line-up card. Basketball, Football, Hockey, and even NASCAR driver fans have to accept the fact change is going to happen.

To see Lebron James seek the "next big thing" with the Heat should not come as a big surprise. "King" James is a talented and marketable basketball player that gets a ton of media attention and exposure. And some agent getting 10-percent found this "pro" a far better contract. Guess you Miami Heat fans should remain loyal for the length of that contract, right?

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  1. Excellent post!! Couldn't have said it any better myself.