Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey Bat! Where You Been?

<--- This serial numbered Dave Trembly GOLD Card came out of a forgotten pack of 2009 Topps Baseball today. It serves as a vivid reminder of the changes the Orioles have made so far in hopes of improvement in their dismal performance so far this season.

People have been sending emails, direct messages... couple of phone calls wondering what I have been doing since last post. Saturday (07-03-10) was spent set-up at a local flea market getting rid of unwanted and no longer used items. Sunday, the 4th. of July helped my father with a painting project he has going, and we cooked out afterwards. Since our local team, the Salem Red Sox, is on the road until the 11th. it is a good time to get this project done. And along the way, we watched all the available baseball games, episodes of "Baseball Tonight", and re-plays of some games we missed live. So many games and great plays to even begin to comment on here.

The one game that stands out in my mind is the Orioles winning that game at Fenway. It had been a while since that happened, and the Boston crowd did not like it on the 4th. of July with the world watching. Every now and then Baltimore's bats get hot, wonderful plays are turned, along with smart base running, but there is no consistency.

The Orioles lost again today in a day game, and have a 25 and 57 record going into Wednesday's action. The bats are still hot and they put up alot of runs... just not enough to win it. There have been more roster changes and additions for various reasons. Some of these "new guys" look promising, and may actually parlay all that talent to the plays on the field.

Time will tell, so in the meantime we remain faithful and loyal to watching the Orioles games on MASN TV. Hopefully, the NEXT game will have a different out come... right?

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