Thursday, July 8, 2010

Change Of Venue May Help

After being swept in 3 games in Detroit, the on-the-road action for the Orioles now moves to the July heat of Arlington, Texas and the Rangers for 4 games. Jermey Guthrie once again gets the start, will go around 7 innings, and most likely pitch a pretty good game. Then either defense or bull pen will most likely fall apart, and the Rangers will win the game. It has become predictable... so place your side bets accordingly.

<--- Jermey Guthrie 2003 Topps "Draft Pick" Rookie Card

Jeremy has been around a while now, and knows the hitters well. He has come a long ways since being selected in the first round by the Indians out of Stanford.

It seems a shame to the even the casual fan that several great outings by Guthrie have ended in losses. Jermey's pitching record does not reflect his on the field efforts. It takes 8 other guys on the field, AND a good bullpen to turn the game over too in order to win. Error free defense contibutes to winning games as much as great pitching.

With a 25 - 59 team record going into today's game (worse in MLB) it is obvious all the pieces are not there yet. Add to that Kevin Millwood and Luke Scott both going on the DL, now some border pieces of the puzzle are missing too! Sure Pie is now back in the line-up, but what he can or will contribute is still being considered and observed . Let's hope he makes some of those spectacular plays he made while on re-hab for the Orioles now that he is back.

Will be watching this 4 game set against the Rangers on MASN TV with great interest just like everyone else. Having only 3 wins in the last 10 games, it really is time to get a few wins under interm-manager Juan Samuel's belt :)

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