Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Collect Baseball Cards? You A NERD Or What?

People are always looking for "mutual interests" with those they come in contact with in everyday life. In social settings, it is a "common ground" question to ask others "You Have Any Hobbies?". I always proudly answer "I collect baseball cards". This usually gets raised eyebrows and dropped jaws from the men, and cute smiles with twinkle in their eyes from the women. The ladies know here is a 50+ year old, 6 foot, 240 lb. guy "who still has a little bit of kid in him". The men think "bet he doesn't have a circular saw or a hunting rifle". They are right on all counts.

It is easy to get labeled "An OLD Nerd" when you have such a hobby you apparently should have out-grown. You get those "I thought only kids collected baseball cards" like comments. These usually come from the computer on-line game playing crowd that can not understand the pleasure of actually "touching and owning" a collectible item. Baseball card collecting is also my connection to the players and history of the game. To the serious inquiries from "gamers" I refer to the current price guides. Their jewel cased CD's of the latest (now used) games do not seem to have the same value... hmmm? Also doubt they would realize the bids some of my baseball cards get on eBay if placed for auction.

Though now as an adult I can appreciate the inherent "preceived value" of the older major star and Hall of Famer baseball cards in my collection, I still get a thrill out of opening the packs of the latest releases and sorting them. In a stressful world, I find this activity very relaxing with a favorite CD playing in the background. Some guys find their "comfort zone" in their shop with a table saw and a 2 x 10. Others love heading out into the woods to find "Bambi's Mother". Mine is at the dining room table sorting and filing baseball cards on an older bath towel.

I promise not to mention your saw blade is dull and not cutting well, or your rifle sights are off, if you promise not to label me with a "juvenile hobby".


  1. Hey Speed, I'm also a fellow collector. I buy one Topps regular issue complete set every year, and an Orioles team set every year. I have Topps complete sets going back to the mid sixties, and am currently working on collecting every Oriole Topps card going back to 1954 when the Orioles began. It's a lot of fun. Gregemb

  2. I get even funnier looks when I tell people I collect cards! Keep collecting. Who cares what other people think!