Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Baseball & Related Blog Begins

This is where I begin to unleash MY thoughts and opinions upon the baseball (and beyond) world. And after following our "National Past-Time" as an adult for over 35 years... I have alot of both. Please cry with me when I rant, laugh with me when I rave, and applaud loudly when I "hit the nail honestly on the head".

A little background about me:

Follow the local Top Class A (Carolina League) team faithfully since 1986. Currently that is the Salem Red Sox, and the team is owned by the parent club in Boston. They have an awesome 6,000 seat stadium with Triple A lighting, the best food you could ask for, and a terrific staff of friendly people (y'all come by now ya hear?). Love going to these minor league games with my nearly 80 year old father, and watching all the errors and great plays that occur.

Local cable tv and satilite gives us Mid Atlantic Sports Network (MASN), so we get Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals games, along with Fox and ESPN MLB coverage. Get to watch alot of teams and games - both good and bad.

Have collected baseball cards since I was a kid. Duplicates are carefully filed by manufacture, year, and number in over 40 four tray monster boxes, and over fourty 3-ring binders. A bit of an "autograph hound" when opportunity presents itself - plenty of great prospects with cards have come through the Carolina League over the years, and I have "snagged" as many autographs as I could. Much harder to do nowadays, and that will be the theme of one of my future posts ! Have also tried my hand sucessfully at collecting autographs thru the mail - yet another post down the road.

Plug Time: Run baseball card auctions on eBay all the time... user ID: "batspeed"

This is enough to get us started down the road to the ballpark, or perhaps to the store to buy a pack or two of new baseball cards!

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