Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Pop The Champagne Just Yet

Random Musings From This Weekend

Wow! Can You Believe It?!?! The Orioles beat the Marlins in their last game, then propelled that momentum into a SWEEP of their 32 mile away neigbors the Washington Nationals over the weekend. Attendence figures were very impressive: Friday - 43,484, Saturday - 28,635, And Sunday - 22,951... all showed up in the hot, humid, muggy 90 degree plus "summer-time" conditions of Inner Harbor Baltimore. Cold beverage sales in Camden Yards were probably equally impressive.

Orioles have actually won four games in a row, and have Monday (06-28-10) off to "re-coup" and prepare before facing the Atlanta Braves. Sounds great doesn't it? Before we go a pop open a bottle of champagne to celibrate this mini streak... we need a reality check. The Orioles are 23 and 52, worse record in baseball. So put away the cork screw and contain your excitment just a little bit.

So What's Next?

Some roster changes (exit Garrett "sit on the bench" Atkins) are being made to make room for some additional pitching. Long over-due and bound to help overall. Luke Scott and Adam Jones have found their swings connecting with some baseballs now and then. Infield and throwing errors seem to be occuring less and less. And perhaps most important of all - there is a little "swagger" in that dugout now. Up in the bullpen, theres some earned and deserved JOY. The players body language no longer reeks of defeat. Instead, it has been replaced with some confidence that says "Hey! We CAN win some games". The television cameras do not lie. More of the players are at the rail watching the game, cheering their team mates on, and "high-five-ing" every little thing.

So maybe we will keep seeing a little better play on the field, alot better player attitude (* thanks Nick *), and some more wins than expected from the Orioles. Winning four in row IS something to be proud of. So, I am not going to pop the cork on that champagne just yet, but will keep the bottle on ice :)

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